About Us

Economic Reform Australia (ERA) is a not-for-profit Australian organisation dedicated to educating the community and decision makers about the true nature of Australia's economy and the global economy as a whole.  Particular emphasis is placed on the need to reform the structure and operation of the financial system, the need to address the unsustainable nature of modern market driven economies in terms of their use of non-renewable resources and impact upon the environment, and the need for governments to exert control over the collection of economic rent for the betterment of society as a whole. 

The conflict between the use of money as an intermediary for marketplace exchanges and as a commodity and vehicle for speculating in the global casino is of particular concern.

We are not a political movement and do not openly support the platform or policy of any political party.

ERA sponsors, supports and publicises public meetings during the year by well informed speakers, on topics relevant to our concerns. 

 Economic Reform Australia is an association which was formed in 1993 as an amalgamation of the Economics Review Association and other like-minded groups. Two incorporated divisions of ERA were established at that time, ERA(NSW) Inc and ERA(SA) Inc. At the end of 2013 the divisions merged and ERA was incorporated as a single entity - ERA Inc. From its inception, ERA has been involved in organising various conferences (including T.O.E.S. conferences held  in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide), work-shops, seminars, and public meetings, involving distinguished Australian and overseas speakers. ERA also publishes a bimonthly journal, The ERA Review.

                                                   ERA's Patrons

                                                    Prof Stuart Rees

                                   Prof Frank Stilwell

                                   Prof Michael Pusey

                                   Dr Evan Jones

                                   Prof David Shearman

                                   Dr Ted Trainer

                                   Dr Shann Turnbull

                                   Prof Steve Keen

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