Brazilian Blowout - Select Ultra Smoothing Solution Treatment


Well-groomed and beautiful hair in perfect condition - the dream of many women. However, the fair sex has always been prone to experimentation, including in their hair. In addition to painting, dyeing, bleaching, perming, hair negatively on the family is also affected by time and stress and lack of vitamins in the body. If you would like to learn more, please visit: Brazilian Blowout Pros And Cons

Returning them to a healthy appearance will allow the Brazilian keratin straightening. It should be noted immediately that the procedure must be performed only by master. It allows you to not only make your hair perfectly straight and shiny, but also treats them, restoring the structure of damaged hair.


The essence of such straightening is as follows: the liquid together with other keratin reducing substances when applied penetrates the hair shaft and fills its voids. Smoothing occurs due to the fact that the composition has no harmful effect on the disulfide bonds, and extends smoothly while relaxing them. In this recovery of rolling that is on the outside (visual) and the inside.

 This procedure will not only improve the hair, it takes away its softness. It also allows curly hair owners to remove waves of hate for a long time.

Most women, choosing Brazilian straightening, real leaves only positive aspect that characterizes the procedure with only the best hand.

Means used

The compositions are used in Brazilian straightening, it will depend to a great extent on the type of hair, and in each case, they are selected individually. The main components of the media are keratin, protein and other nutrients. All of natural origin, without chemistry.

Therefore, the straightening of Brazilian keratin is considered completely safe, this procedure is not against women, even in lactation. The thing to consider is that the means used can lighten the hair in one or two shades.

The most popular compositions to straighten keratin

There are many companies that produce similar media. Very popular during a procedure, such as Brazilian straightening, coco Choco - part of which was certified in Israel and Russia. Its main advantage is the reduction in the duration of the procedure.



No less popular is also considered a Brazilian hair straightening Brazilian Blowout. This means prefer women who have the procedure done for perm or discoloration. It returns hair to life, after which it again shines and becomes obedient.

What is the Brazilian straightening process?

The first step is to clean. Master using special professional shampoo washes off the entire head of hair styling agents (foam, mousse, hairsprays), as well as dust and excess sebum. At the same time, the more it revealed the scales of the hair, which allows it to penetrate even deeper keratin.

 On the other hand, the head is wrapped with a dry towel and a little bit of shape. After the hair should be combed well.

During the third phase of the master hairdressers begins to apply a special composition from the roots to the ends. The result is a coating with a thin layer of keratin, which will protect your hair from tobacco smoke, static electricity, ultraviolet rays, and even chlorinated water.

After the means to straighten the hair dry long hair dryer using a large brush.

The next step is rectification. This occurs using an ordinary ironing, heated to 230 degrees. They come from small clusters, about 2.5 cm wide, according to them rectifier carefully carried out from three to eight times, depending on the texture of the hair. This phase is the longest. In this phase, the "sealing" of keratin: protein under heat closes the damaged portions of the hair, preventing further folding.

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